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True Friend

posted Feb 29, 2012, 6:55 AM by William Burgos
Friend: Will never ask you for food.
True Friend: Will eat half you're food.
Friend: Will call your parents "Sir/Mam"
True Friend:Will call your parents: "mom", "dad", "aunty" or "uncle"
Friend: Will get you out of jail and then he will lecture you.
True Friend: Will sit next to you and tell you: "Dude we have a problem"
Friend: Have never see you cry.
True Friend: Will tell you "You sissy, I'm tired of seen you crying". Then he sits next to you and start crying.
Friend: Will borrow something from you and give back a couple of days later.
True Friend: Will borrow it and never give it back, and used it in front of you.
Friend: Knows a couple of secrets from you.
True Friend: Knows enough about you to write a book and sell it.
Friend: Will leave you by yourself if everybody does.
True Friend: Will get pissed and say "Everybody can go to hell" and stay with you.
Friend: Will knock on your door.
True Friend: Will open your door and say: "I'm here where is my food"
Friend: Will take you out to drink and then stop you and tell you is enough.
True Friend: Will get drunk with you and then make fun of you acting stupid.
Friend: Will argue with somebody that has spoken bad about you.
True Friend: Will kick the leaving crap out of a person that speaks bad about you.
Friend: Is a friend for a period of time.
True Friend: Will be your friend for ever.