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Economic models explain with cows.

posted Feb 29, 2012, 6:48 AM by William Burgos   [ updated Mar 12, 2012, 1:41 PM ]

This is a forward that I received, althought is a joke is very real.... :-D

  • Socialism. You have 2 cows. Gives one to his neighbor.
  • ComunismYou have 2 cows. The state will take both and it will give you a little bit of milk.
  • FascismYou have 2 cow. The state will take both and it will sell you a little bit of milk.
  • NazismYou have 2 cows. The State will take both and then shoot you.
  • BureucracyYou have 2 cows. The state will take both, kill one, milked the other one and throw away the milk.
  • Tradicional CapitalismYou have 2 cows. You sell one and with the money you buy a bull. Your herd multiplies and the economy grows. Then you sell the herd and retire with the your wealth.
  • American CorporationYou have 2 cows. You sell one and you force the other one to produce the milk of 4 cows. Then you hire a consultant to analize why the cow died.
  • French CorporationYou have 2 cows. You go on strike, you organize disturbances y road blocks requesting 3 more cows.
  • Japanese Corporation. You have 2 cows. You redesign them so that they can have a tenth of there natural size, and to produce 20 times more milk than a normal cow. Then you put a global marketing campaing with a cartoon called 'CowMon'.
  • German CorporationYou have 2 cows. Thru a re-engineering you make them live 100 years, eat once a month and get milked by themselves.
  • Chinese CorporationYou have 2 cows. You have 300 people milking them. You afirm that you have full-employment and high bovine productivity. You arrest the reporter that publish the actual trust.
  • Indian CorporationYou have 2 cows. You worship them in an altar because they are sacred! and you eat rice and curry.
  • British CorporationYou have 2 cows. But they are 'mad cows'.
  • Iraqui CorporationEverybody thinks you have a bunch of cows. You say you don't have cows. Nobody believes you, so they f#$% you with bombs and they invade you. You still don't have cows, but you are part of a 'Democracy'....
  • Bolivarian Socialism of the 21th centuryYou have 2 cows. The SENIAT confiscate one for evation of the Enterprise Cattle Assets Tax. The goverment expropriate the other one on public utility causes, for the 'Misión Negra Hipólita'. The mision coordinator buys a Hummer and there is no milk.