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Automating Sales in LatAm with Coresystems

posted Dec 10, 2015, 12:57 PM by William Burgos   [ updated Dec 10, 2015, 1:00 PM ]

In Latin America, trading companies and wholesale business continue to thrive.  These business base their success in the efficiency of their sales force, which often represent 75% of the entire staff.  These sales people also spend very little time in their offices, since it is culturally expected that business be done in person.

This situation brings a challenge to the business in order to compete in this information-driven world.  Sales people need to be agile on taking the order, being able to show the customers the products, and have access to the customer’s buying history and price history.  Handling all these tasks manually is a huge disadvantage with the already big and aggressive competition that already exists on most of these countries.

The solution quickly becomes self-evident: mobile access to the ERP infrastructure.  Having the ability to access the ERP information (customer records, order taking, pricing, and products pictures) is a game changer and provides important leverage against the competition.  Not having to handle paper, not having to send documentation via fax and the ability for the system to received orders and process requests without human intervention on the back office really speeds up the sales process and gives more time to generate sales to the mobile employee.

Coresystems, a leading provider of ERP-integrated mobile solutions, offers a variety of mobile sales automation tools that can get this task done efficiently and in very little time. Investing in software is smart investing, which awards companies a competitive edge.